Model# SCT Split-Core Current Transformer/Transducer
Model# SCT

Split-Core Current Transformer/Transducer

The SCT is an integrated split core current transformer and transducer which provides an output proportional to current ranges up to 500 amperes. The SCT has models which provide either a self-powered 0-1mAdc or 0-5Vdc or a loop-powered 4-20mAdc output.

The dc output is proportional to the average absolute value of the input and is calibrated to represent the RMS value. The SCT is capable of accurately measuring ac inputs from 50 to 400Hz.

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Detailed Model Specs

Current: 0-50A to 0-500A
Frequency Range: 50 to 400Hz
Burden: 0.5VA max.
Current Overload: 5 X Rating for 10 sec./hr
Dielectric Test: (Input/Output/Case) 1800Vac

Output Ripple: 0.5% F.S.
Response (90%): 300ms
Output Loading (Ω)
– 1mA: 0-10KΩ
– 5Vdc: 100KΩ
– 4-20mA: 0-500Ω

– 25O°C, 60Hz: ±0.5 % F.S.
– All conditions: ±0.7 % F.S.

Temperature Range: -20O°C to +60O°C
Weight: 1.0 Lb
Insturment Power
– Self-Powered: 1mAdc; 5Vdc Models
– Loop-Powered: 15-40Vdc supply required


Designed for applications requiring accurate current measurements.

  • Insensitive to polarity.
  • Split Core design for easy installation.
  • Accurate and reliable from 50 to 400Hz
  • C UL US Listed