Model# 2491

Single Function Digital Switchboard Meter

The Model 2491 (Single function) Digital Switchboard Meter was developed to provide customers with a versatile AC digital power meter.

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Auxiliary Power
– 120V or 240Vac (±15%) 45-65Hz, 4.5VA max.
– Optional 24, 48, 125Vdc power supply.
Input Rating
– Current: 0 to 1 Aac, 0 to 5Aac
– Voltage: 0-120Vac, 0-240Vac, 480Vac, (W/Var/PF/PA); 0-150Vac, 0-300Vac, 600Vac (Volt/Freq.)
– DC Voltage: 0-150Vdc, 0-300Vdc,0-600Vdc
– Frequency: 50/60Hz and 400Hz
Input Range:
– Current: A/W/Var: 0-200%; PF/PA: 20-200%
– Voltage: V/W/Var: 0-120%; PF/PA: 50-120%; Frequency: 20-120%
– Current: <0.2Va per element
– Voltage: 120V:<0.2Va per element; 240V:<0.4Va per element.
Accuracy: (Reference Condition 25°C, 45-74% RH, at rated input 60Hz sine wave, 30 min. warmup) – Voltage/Current/Watt/VAr: ±0.2% of reading + 0.1% of full scale
Power Factor: ±0.05
Phase Angle: ±0.5°
– ±0.01Hz @ 40-70Hz
-(-0.5Hz @ 300-500Hz)
Analog Output:
– 0 to 1mA: 10Vdc compliance into 10K Ω load maximum
– 4 to 20mA: 15Vdc compliance into 750 Ω maximum
Response Time: 1 second maximum response time within ±1% of final value
Output Ripple: 0.5% peak-to-peak maximum of output scan
Temperature Range
– Operating: -20°C to +60°C at 90% RH maximum (non-condensing)
– Storing: -40°C to +85°C
– Width 4.33″
– Depth 6.54″
– Height 4.33″
Weight: (2.2 lbs.) or less

  • End user programmable for CT ratios and PT ratios
  • End user selectable legends Watts, kWatts and mWatts, etc.
  • Non-volatile memory. If loss of power occurs, all settings will remain the same.
  • Accuracy of + 0.2% of reading, + 0.1% Full Scale.
  • True RMS current and voltage measuring. Most desirable if distorted sine wave is present.
  • Security of settings………. Complete removal of cover is required to access selectable or programmable
    variables. Four push buttons are used for quick setup, except 2493 with front panel configuration.
  • Display averaging………… Programmable from 1 to 25 samples to eliminate annoying digit bounce.
  • RS485 communication option allows up to 32 units to be networked together for remote reading.
  • Analog output option allows ability to connect to data acquisition systems.
  • Complete operating instruction manual included with each meter.
  • NIST Calibrated Certificate/Test data available as an option.
  • Modbus communication option allows connection to existing control systems.