Model# PTB

Multiple Output AC Power Transducer

The board level transducer is designed to measure and provide analog output signals for all parameters of voltage, current and total power.  Optional outputs for power factor, apparent power “VA” and watthours are available as plug-in circuit cards.

The 10.75″ X 8.9″ X 2.5″ circuit board is provided with mounting holes to fit a 10″ X 12″ NEMA case or the circuit board can be mounted in the user’s cabinet with the stand offs provided. Input and output terminals are located directly on the circuit board.

All of the electronics circuitry uses solid state multipliers, RMS converters and amplifier. The unit requires 115Vac instrument power. (Optional 220VAC is available)

The unit is calibrated at the factory using standards traceable to NIST.

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F.S. Linear Range: See Table
150Vac (175Vac)
300Vac (350Vac)
600Vac (610Vac)
Burden: 0.25VA/Phase

All models are linear through full-scale current range.
Continuous overcurrent
5A models: 10Aac
All other ranges: 125% of F.S.
Burden: < <0.25VA/Phase
Frequency Range: (Linear) 48 Hz – 70Hz
Power Factor: Any
Dielectric Test: (Input To Outputs) 1500Vac

Voltage (RMS): (3) 0 – 10Vdc = 0 – F.S. Voltage
Current (RMS): (3) 0 – 10Vdc = 0 – F.S. Current
*Watts (True Power): 0 – 10Vdc = 0 – F.S. Watts

*Output Scaling Example:
Full Scale Watts = F.S. Volts x F.S. Amps x No. of Elements x 0.8

Output Burden:
10V: > than 2KO
1mA: 0 – 10KO
20mA: 0 – 500O
Ripple: < ±1% F.S.

Apparent Power (VA): * Same as watts
Power Factor: 0 – 10Vdc 0 – 1 Lead or Lag.
5A Models: 1 WH/C
Relay Rating: 120V, 0.5A
Relay Closure Duration: 200 ms

(Includes linearity, setpoint and power factor at 25°C)
5A Models:
Voltage: ±0.3% F.S.
Current: ±0.3% F.S.
Power: +0.3% F.S.

Watthours:(Option) ±0.5% F.S.
Power Factor(10-100% Input):(Option) ±0.01 PF
Response Time: 250 ms
Temperature Effects: (+10° to +35°C) ±0.5%
Instrument Power: 115Vac, ±15%, 50-400Hz, 8.5VA
(Option) 230Vac, ±15% 50/60Hz, 8.5VA

  • Small Package
  • Less Wiring
  • High Accuracy
  • Up to 9 Analog Outputs
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Direct Inputs to 600 Vac
  • Low Cost