Thank you for being the best vendor!

Hi Teri,

I wanted to take some time and pay a much overdue compliment to Flex-Core, specifically Corey, Irene, Randy and Arthur.

Corey and Irene have patiently corrected the countless times our PO’s are submitted with an incorrect address. Also Energy has several open PO’s that are scheduled to be delivered at later dates (some ever reach into February 2018), and I know though experience with Corey and Irene that these orders will not be forgotten.

And those times where our orders need to wait for CT’s to be manufactured, Corey and Irene consistently give me an estimated ship date – which keeps our customers satisfied – and these orders always ship ahead of schedule.

I place CT orders with 3 other vendors, and when I do I admit that I cringe. The process with Flex-Core has always been seamless, and the packing list that is included with the site/project name next to the CT model removes errors by the onsite installers from placing the wrong CT on the wrong site. If I could sum up the professionalism and service of Corey and Irene it would be flawless.

Randy and Arthur have advised countless times on different options of CT’s, and are always helping me with product availability – at times it seems like these two men will arrange for the CT I need to be manufactured. Cut sheets are provided to ensure our customers approve of these special items. As smart as Randy and Arthur are, I never get the feeling that they talk over my level; both of these guys are humble in their intelligence.

The online chat that is available through has proven to be a huge time saver. When I need to find availability on a rare (at least for us) CT, Arthur will have my question answered in under one minute. And if the product I ask about is not readily available he is quick to offer other options.

In short, thank you for being the best vendor I have worked with over the past 7 years. Your staff deserves to be recognized for their hard work, patience and knowledge.

Keith Wines