Model# FCL Split-Core Current Transformers

Split-Core Current Transformers

Model# 143 | 600V Class Relay/Meter Class Current Transformer

Solid-Core Current Transformers

Model# 515 Low Voltage Current Transformers

Low Voltage Current Transformers

Model# CTWH3 Medium Voltage Current Transformer

Medium Voltage Current Transformers

Model# H32 Clamp-On Current Transformer

Clamp-On Current Transformers

Model# 2VT460 Potential Transformer from Flex-Core

Low Voltage Potential Transformers

Model# PTG5 Medium Voltage Potential Transformer

Medium Voltage Potential Transformers

Model# AT AC Average RMS Current Transducer/Transformer

Average RMS Current Transformer/Transducers

Model# CTCR - True RMS Current Transfomer:Transducer

True RMS Current Transformer/Transducers

ACTR Series AC Current Transducers

Current Transducers

Model# AFT Frequency Transducers

Frequency Transducers

Model# 3AVT-150E2 Voltage Transducers

Voltage Transducers

Model# PC8 DC TO 400HZ Watt Transducer

Watt Transducers

Model PC20 Phase Angle Transducers

Phase Angle Transducers

Model# W AC Watt/Watt Hour Transducer

Watt Hour/VAR Hour Transducers

Model# VGH Watt/Watt Hour Var/VarHour Transducers

VAR Transducers

Model# HST90U Analog Panel Meter

Analog Panel Meters

Model# L40 Universal Digital Panel Meter

Digital Panel Meters

Model# HLS110 Analog Switchboard Meter

Analog Switchboard Meters

Model# 2491 Digital Switchboard Meter

Digital Switchboard Meters

High Voltage Capacitors & ANSI Surge Arresters

GE High Voltage Capacitors

High Voltage Capacitors

Surge Arresters

ANSI Surge Arresters

Model# CRD-005 DC Current Sensing Relay w/ Setpoint

Current Relays

Model# S - DC Current Shunt

Current Shunts

Current Switches

Current Switches

Model# E5-024-C0400 - Digital Counter

Digital Counters

Model# 240-311 Elapsed Time Meter

Elapsed Time Meters

Model# KLK Fuse Blocks

Fuse Blocks

Model# 257 3 Phase Monitor

Monitors, Controls & Protection

Model# TMP-15124C -Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Model# N25 Voltage & Current Selector Switch

Selector Switches

Model# SG - Process Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioners

Model# LRG Current to Voltage Converter

Signal Converters

Model# U3889 - Voltage Disconnect and Current Transformer Shunt

Switch Assemblies

Model# 17SC CT Shorting Terminal Block

Terminal Blocks

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FLEX-CORE® manufactures and warehouses a large selection of Transformers, Transducers, Meters and more for measurement, monitoring, and control of current, power, and energy applications.

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