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Midco Electric Supply

Hi Arthur,

Everything went 1000% smoothly. Thank you and your company for the great service! Transformers arrived very quickly and in great condition. We were able to exceed our customer's expectations.

Tony Niedospial
Midco Electric Supply

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General Electric

Hello to all my friends at Flex-Core.

I will be retiring today and wanted to thank the entire team at Flex-Core for your great support and very professional work ethics.  By far the best group I have worked with in my 22 years with GE.

Thank you so much.
General Electric

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Kenyeri Engineering & Manufacturing

You were very helpful in cross-referencing the parts I asked about, and I was so glad you had them in stock!  So, thanks to you as well.

Have a great day,

Tracy L. Hauppa-Kenyeri

Barr-Thorp Electric Company

Barr-Thorp Electric Company

Still awesome. Above and beyond expectations.

John Fuhrman
Barr-Thorp Electric Company

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National Switchgear

Comprehensive and quick response. The way LiveChats are intended during this new way of getting in touch with companies.

Ben Dunlap
National Switchgear

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Eaton Industries (Canada)

Appreciate your super duper quick response guys.

Tracy Darveau
Eaton Industries (Canada)
EESS Ingénierie et Services  /  EESS Engineering and Services

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McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

Got a fast response and the technical information that I needed. The chat feature impressed me.

Jake Barnes
McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

JSHP Transformers / Doubletree Systems Inc.


Thanks to you and Steven Moore for jumping on this so quickly!  Kyle was able to install and test the FLEX-CORE® isolation transformer and we're on track to energize and load this substation transformer today.

Y'all were lifesavers and we really appreciate your support!

J D Brafa
Director, Business Development & Technical Services
JSHP Transformers / Doubletree Systems Inc.

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Corning Inc.

Thank you -- You're service is exemplary.
I've told several people how I cannot believe how good you were through the whole process.

Thank you, again.

Mark Randall
Controls Engineer
Corning Inc.

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Rexel USA Inc.

Arthur could not have been more helpful. I had several questions, and he took the time to answer them all in a professional, timely manor. It is nice to work with a company that has knowledgeable, friendly people that are willing to help. Thank you Arthur for taking the time to answer my questions and for sending me the information I needed to serve my customer better!

Sam Steele
Rexel USA Inc.

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University of Alaska Fairbanks Research Vessel Sikuliaq

I want to take a second and say what an amazing job Corey VanHassel did this morning. I am the procurement coordinator for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Research Vessel Sikuliaq, https://www. sikuliaq.alaska.edu/

Yesterday I placed an order with Steve, super helpful as well. I asked to use our FedEx account because in the third world country of Seward, Alaska, FedEx arrives in the morning and UPS arrives in the afternoon. I ordered mission critical parts for the ship that need to be in Nome, AK by Saturday for their departure date (a science crew has leased the ship for 30 days). Every day the ship does not sail is a tremendous cost.

This morning I woke up at 4:00 Alaska time and thought, what if this package going FedEx locks into our two day express account and then with the holiday, doesn't arrive in Seward, AK until Tuesday of next week. I raced down to my office and saw the email from Corey acknowledging the sales order. I phoned her immediately and found out the package had not shipped yet. She was able to create a FedEx label and my worst nightmare was confirmed, it was scheduled for delivery on Tuesday of next week.

Long story short, and several emails later, the package is now going next day UPS to Anchorage and if all goes well, it will be on a flight out to Nome, AK later that day and the ship will depart Nome on Saturday as scheduled.

Without Corey's attention to detail on this shipping issue, we would be delayed in having the ship leave Nome as scheduled.
I just wanted to pass this along for you to put in Corey's personnel file that she truly is a Rockstar; it is refreshing to see this level of customer service.

Sarah Spanos
University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Veros Systems Incorporated


Yes, please let your management know how much we appreciate Flex-Core's consistent prompt and professional support of our needs.  In this particular case, both you and Steve Moore were very helpful in discussing our specific application issue and coming up with a solution.  This is not the first time FLEX-CORE® has provided special assistance - more than a few times in the past you have helped us by providing additional spec info that most customers don't require, by researching and providing special-order configurations, and by effectively executing special shipping requests.

We highly value this support and look forward to ongoing business with FLEX-CORE® in the future.


David Pierce
VP Product Operations
Veros Systems Incorporated

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Hi Teri,

I wanted to take some time and pay a much overdue compliment to Flex-Core, specifically Corey, Irene, Randy and Arthur.

Corey and Irene have patiently corrected the countless times our PO's are submitted with an incorrect address. Also Energy has several open PO's that are scheduled to be delivered at later dates (some ever reach into February 2018), and I know though experience with Corey and Irene that these orders will not be forgotten.

And those times where our orders need to wait for CT's to be manufactured, Corey and Irene consistently give me an estimated ship date - which keeps our customers satisfied - and these orders always ship ahead of schedule.

I place CT orders with 3 other vendors, and when I do I admit that I cringe. The process with FLEX-CORE® has always been seamless, and the packing list that is included with the site/project name next to the CT model removes errors by the onsite installers from placing the wrong CT on the wrong site. If I could sum up the professionalism and service of Corey and Irene it would be flawless.

Randy and Arthur have advised countless times on different options of CT's, and are always helping me with product availability - at times it seems like these two men will arrange for the CT I need to be manufactured. Cut sheets are provided to ensure our customers approve of these special items. As smart as Randy and Arthur are, I never get the feeling that they talk over my level; both of these guys are humble in their intelligence.

The online chat that is available through Flex-Core.com has proven to be a huge time saver. When I need to find availability on a rare (at least for us) CT, Arthur will have my question answered in under one minute. And if the product I ask about is not readily available he is quick to offer other options.

In short, thank you for being the best vendor I have worked with over the past 7 years. Your staff deserves to be recognized for their hard work, patience and knowledge.

Keith Wines
Also Energy, Inc.

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Hi Arthur,
The service was definitely fantastic. Will keep your team in mind should we need to order more transducers.

Shawn Aitken - Distribution Supervisor
CanRep Inc.

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We get great service from Flex-Core and your team, much appreciated!

Qvarx, Canada

Multitecni Servicios logo

Multitecni Servicios

Thank you for your fantastic support on this.

Ernesto Ayala Zurita - Supervisor Financiero
Multitecni Servicios, Ecuador