Metering devices together with the combined functionalities of current and voltage transformers, provide a visual indication of the measured values like load currents and voltages. These metering devices come in two forms - conventional analog display and digital display. While there is still a market for analog and switchboard type panel meters, more people are making the move to digital panel meters.

Why switch from a simple-to-setup analog meter?

Because the analog indicating displays are fixed.  For instance, the 0-600A scale of an analog panel ammeter is marked on the nameplate, whereas with the digital panel ammeter, the 0-600A digital display can be programmed to match the current transformer ratio and if there is a change in the load that requires a change in the current transformer, the digital panel ammeter can be changed accordingly to display the matching current value.

Digital panel meters also offer:

    • Remote monitoring capabilities via analog or digital signals.
    • Control setpoints and relays via a variety of relay configurations.
    • Precise value viewing via configurable digital scales.

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