Need to measure power and energy on a medium voltage system? Think your only choice is to use fully rated current transformers?

When measuring power and energy on a medium voltage system, you might think you can only use a fully rated potential transformer & current transformer but that would be wrong.  The challenge is that medium voltage current transformers are extremely invasive. The installation of the CT requires a series connection, which in turn, requires the removal of a section of cable or bus bar for installation.

Consider using FLEX-CORE® low voltage current transformers to make installation a breeze. All that your licensed medium voltage electrician needs to do is install the current transformer over a FULLY insulated cable or bushing. The cable / bushing insulation will isolate the CT, secondary windings, and the connected meter from the higher voltage. This transformer scenario will save money, time, and frustration that you're sure to experience with a medium voltage CT.

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FCL-Split-Core Current Transformer
Model FCL

Flexible Split-Core Current Transformer

The UL Certified FCL Split-Core Current Transformer is designed for easy installation on large bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys or for continuous monitoring of current.

Product details
Model PTG5

Medium Voltage Potential Transformer

The PTG5 series of potential transformers (PTs) are designed for high accuracy medium voltage measurements. The purpose of this PT is to proportionally reduce the primary voltage to a level that is within the input range of a standard meter, transducer, or controller.

Product details