Model# W4

AC Watt/Watt Hour Transducer

  • Measurement of power consumption.
  • Can be easily integrated into building management systems.
  • Pulse outputs interface with electronic or mechanical counters for accumulation of Watt Hours.
  • Accurate regardless of variations in voltage, current, power factor, or load.
  • Standard Analog outputs for Watts, relay contact or 5V pulse for Watt Hours.
  • Factory calibrated, traceable to NIST.


Response Time (90%)250 ms
Output Loading (Ω)See Tables
Output Ripple< 1% F.S.
Temperature Range-10°C to +60°C


Class±0.5% F.S.


Volts or Amps0-150V thru 0-600V or 0-1A thru 0-25A
Frequency Range400Hz


Standard±1mAdc, 4-20mAdc, 4-12-20mAdc, ±10Vdc or ±5Vdc (kWh Pulse)
BurdenVoltage and Current: 1.25VA/phase

Model# W4-watt-transducers

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