Model# 456 600V

Low Voltage Potential Transformer

  • The primary and secondary terminals are No. 10-32 screws into 3/8″ deep brass inserts and fitted with one lock washer and one flat washer and are contained in a sealable terminal cover.
  • The core and coil assembly is encased in a thermoplastic shell and filled with resin.
  • These transformers are designed for operation lineto- line. They may also be operated line-to-ground or line-to-neutral, at reduced voltage, (58% of rated volts).
  • It is desirable to use a 5.0 amp BBS type fuse in the secondary to protect the transformer.
  • With six exceptions these transformers are ANSI C57.13 group 1. Those marked * are group 2.
  • IEC Rated models are available.
  • Fuse blocks containing type KTK-R (class CC) fuses can be fitted.
  • When primary fuses are requested, the ratings will be as given in the table.
  • This page contains a circle diagram for the estimation of the errors for other than rated burdens.
  • When only one fuse is used, it must be connected into the line side (H1) terminal wiring. This will prevent the presence of voltage at the H1 terminal for a ruptured fuse in the neutral (H2) terminal wiring for line-to-neutral connected transformers.


Insulation Level(0.6kV) – (10kV BIL Full Wave)
Thermal Rating500 VA at 30°C amb. – 300 VA at 55°C amb.
Weight25 Lbs


Accuracy Class0.3 W, X, M, and 0.6Y


Volts0-69.3V thru 0- 600V



Model# 456 Potential Transformer from Flex-Core

  • CSA


  • RU


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