Model# 584MM

The 584MM series of analog panel meters is designed to operate in harsh environments. The ruggedized meters have all metal cases and polycarbonate windows. The 584MM models are provided with a gasket to ensure dust and moisture protection. The meter mechanisms have a long history of lasting durability and performance within specifications.

  • Vibration, Temperature, and environmental specifications all exceed ANSI C39.1


Full Scale for Voltmeters150Vac to 3000Vac
Full Scale for Ammeters5Aac to 2000Aac
Response Time1.5 Seconds
Overload10X Momentary/2X Sustained




Rating for Voltmeters150Vac to 600Vac
Rating for Ammeters0-5Aac
Frequency Range ±2%

Model# 584MM-analog-panel-meter

  • Made in the USA

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