Model# CT-4812

Split-Core DC Current Transducer

The model CT-4812 is a Hall-effect current sensor with signal conditioning in a single compact package. Halleffect current measurement is a non-contact technique that measures the magnetizing effects of current flowing in a conductor. Advantages of this technique include high electrical isolation between the measured conductor and transducer output, high over-range capability and fast response to input changes.

  • Sensor and Amplifier in one package
  • Output is proportional in direction and magnitude to the current flow through the window. (ac input yields ac output, dc input yields dc output)
  • Split core or Solid core configurations available
  • Replaces shunts. No insertion loss.


Response Time 90%500µs, typical
Loading Time0-500Ω
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +60°C
Temperature Effect±0.025% / °C


Class±0.5% F.S.


Amps0-100 thru 0-400A



Model# CT-4812-current-transducers

  • RoHS

  • Made in the USA

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