Model# 126 | 600V Class

Metering Class Current Transformer

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Frequency: 50-400Hz
Insulation Class: 0.6kV, 10kV BIL Full Wave

Model 125 — 3 lbs.
Model 126 — 5.5 lbs.

Mounting Brackets:
Model 125 — P/N 0221B00231
Model 126 — P/N 0221B01529

Bus Bar Mounting Kit: Model 125 — P/N 0221A26076

Manufactured to meet the requirements of ANSI/IEEE C57.13

  • For use with AGW series and AGH series Watt and Watt/Watt Hour Transducers.
  • Ideal for use with Ammeters, Set Point Relays, Watt, Var, Current Transducers and Watt Hour Meters.
  • Manufactured to meet requirements of UL 1244 and revisions.
  • Model 126 Terminals are Brass Studs No. 10-32 UNC (Each with flat washer, lockwasher and regular nut.)
  • RoHS

  • CSA


  • C RU US


  • Made in the USA