Model# DS3-SDT-24U

DC Current Switch

  • Hall Effect Sensor/Signal Conditioner/Limit Alarm in a Single Package
  • Field Adjustable Setpoint
  • Three Jumper Selectable Input Ranges
  • Frequency from DC to 400Hz
  • SPDT Relay (Form C) Output
  • Isolated Output
  • Heating Elements-Instant Indication of Heater Status
  • Power Supplies-Signals Over Current Before Equipment Failure
  • Machine Operation-Instant Status of Motors, Lamps, & Other Loads
  • Telecom Sites-Monitors Battery Status


Response Time 100ms (10% Above Setpoint)
Output Rating (Relay) 5.0A @ 240Vac or 5.0A @ 30Vdc (SPDT)
Isolation Voltage3000 Volts
Overload 1000% .5 Sec. - 200% Continuous
Temperature Range-20°C to +50°C
Supply Voltage24Vac or Vdc


Selectable Set point Range2-20A, 10-50A, 20-100A

Model# DS3-SDT-24U-current-sensing-switch

  • RoHS

  • CE

  • C RU US


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