Model# E5-024-C0400

Digital Counter

  • Count Input: Contact Closure or Open Collector
  • 8 Digit 0.31″ High LCD Display
  • Battery Life: Eight Years
  • Custom CMOS Technology
  • Reset Pushbutton: Enable Terminals 4 & 6
  • Reset – Remote: Contact Closure to Terminals 3 & 6
  • Memory: Yes
  • Case Material: ABS Cycolac
  • Front Panel Rated: (IP65) Nema 4
  • Mounting: Plastic Clip


Low Speed30Hz max
Min. Pulse12µs
Current Consumption15 micro Amps max. at 3V
Min. Pulse15µs
Operating Temp-10°C to +55°C
Ambient Humidity<85% RH non-condensing
Weight1.76 oz.

Model# E5-024-C0400-digital-counter

  • RoHS

  • CE

  • C RU US


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