Model# JAB-0S 600V

High Accuracy Solid-Core Current Transformer

JAB-0S is a revenue metering current transformer which maintains IEEE 0.15 accuracy class from 1% of rated current up through rating factor. This is accomplished using the specialized amorphous core material which minimizes electrical core losses. The result is an extremely accurate CT that can maintain high accuracy over an extended range of current. Model JAB-0S is designed for indoor service.

The core and coil assembly are encapsulated in resin within a molded case. The case is molded with GE Valox thermoplastic polyester resin. This tough material has excellent electrical and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, has low water absorption and is resistant to oil and a variety of chemicals. A polyurethane resin filling completely encapsulates the windings, leads and terminals to form a waterproof unit.

The core is manufactured with high-efficiency material that reduces energy losses, allowing higher accuracy over a wider range. The secondary winding is made of heavy enameled copper wire and evenly distributed around the core for maximum accuracy and resistance to stray fields from adjacent conductors.

  • Terminals: Secondary terminals are tin plated brass, compression type with a 0.275” diameter cross-hole for wiring and a 1/4-28 clamp screw. A shorting device is provided and interlocked to the terminal cover. The terminal cover is made of a clear plastic.
  • Maximize revenue metering accuracy with special high accuracy rating extended beyond IEEE requirements.
  • Simplify CT selection and billing multipliers, improving productivity and minimizing risk of error
  • Reduce inventory and part number requirements, reducing asset and operational costs
  • Designed for direct installation over the secondary bushings of pad-mounted transformers.
  • Window I.D. – 4.50″ x 3.50″


Max Burden @ 0.15% Accuracy 1% - RF 0.5
Insulation Class0.6kV, 10kV BIL Full Wave
WeightApproximately 8.25 Lbs


Amps0-600 thru 0-2000A




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