Model# JCR-0C 600V

Metering Class Solid-Core Current Transformer

Designed for both indoor and outdoor service. Suitable for operating meters and instruments on both single-phase two-wire circuits and multi-phase circuits.


Insulation Class0.6kV, 10kV BIL Full Wave
Window ID1.125″ to 2″
Weight100:5A thru 200:5A — 6Lbs
Weight300:5 — 3.8Lbs
Weight400:5 — 3.3Lbs
Low Base — Add 0.5LbsHigh Base — Add 1.0Lbs
Bases TypesWithout Base, Low Base, High Base, Made from heavy steel and plated
Secondary LeadsTin plated compression type with a 0.275″ diameter crosshole for wiring a 1/4-28 clamp screw
Manufactured to meet the requirements of ANSI/IEEE C57.13

JCR-0C Solid-Core-Current-Transformer

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