Model# DU-40ACI5

AC Current Digital Panel Meter

Shipping / Availability: Discontinued

The DU40-ACI5 is a low cost AC current meter. It has a built-in internal shunt that allows direct connection to a 5A CT (current transformer) without adding any other external features.


Accuracy: ±(0.05% of reading + 3 digits)
Temp. Coefficient: 100ppm/°C (Typical)
Conversion Rate: 3 readings per second
Display: 0.56″ high efficiency LED display HOLD and TEST function
Decimals: User programmable to four positions
Overload Indication: When input exceeds the full scale on any range being used, all digits flash at the A/D conversion rate
Power Requirements:
– 100/120Vac
– 200/240Vac
– 50/60Hz
– Approx. 2.5 Watts
Warm Up Time: One minute to specified accuracy
Operating Temp: -10°C to +50°C
Input Configuration: Single-ended with provision to .offset the zero of the reading being displayed.
Full Scale Ranges:  To 9999 F.S. 5A CT input
Input Impedance: 0.02O for 5A CT
Reads: Up to 9999Amps F.S.


Calibration Procedure

  • Apply an input of 0Aac to the meter by shorting the inputs.
  • Adjust the Zero Offset Pot until the meter reads 0000.
  • Connect the secondary of the current transformer (CT) to the meter
    inputs, and apply the full scale current. (5Amps)
  • Adjust the Span Pot until the meter displays the required reading.
    (Primary ratio of CT)
  • Place Decimal Point Jumper in proper position for CT Ratio.
  • The DU40-ACI5 is now calibrated and ready for use.