Model 2VT460 Potential Transformer from Flex-Core
Model# 2VT460 | 600V Class

Three Phase Open Delta Potential Transformer

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Frequency: 50/60Hz
Standard Secondary Voltage: 120 Volts Line-to-Line
Accuracy Class (per phase): 0.6 W, 1.2 X at 60Hz
Thermal Rating (per phase):
– 150VA at 30°C Amb.
– 100VA at 55°C Amb.
Secondary Fuses: BBS size, 250 V
Insulation Level:
– 0.6kV
– 10kV BIL Full Wave
Terminals: Brass Screws No. 8-32 UNC
Weight: Approximately 15.5 lbs.

  • Designed for Open Delta Connection
  • The core and coil assembly is encased in a thermoplastic shell and filled with resin.
  • With two exceptions, these transformers are ANSI C57.13 group 1. Those marked ** are group 2.