Model# PTG5 | 15KV Class

Model# PTG5 Medium Voltage Potential Transformer

The PTG5 series of potential transformers (PTs) are designed for high accuracy medium voltage measurements.  The purpose of this PT is to proportionally reduce the primary voltage to a level that is within the input range of a standard meter, transducer, or controller.  These PTs can be used together with current transformers (CTs) for the monitoring of power and energy.  FLEX-CORE® has several of the more common models in stock.

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Accuracy Class
– 0.3 WXMYZ, 1.2ZZ at 100% rated voltage with 120V based ANSI burden.
– 0.3 WXMY, 1.2Z at 58% rated voltage with 69.3 V based ANSI burden.
Frequency: 60Hz
Insulation Class:
– 15.5kV
– 110kV BIL Full Wave
Thermal Rating:
– 1500VA at 30°C Amb.
– 1000VA at 55°C Amb.
Weight: Approximately 88 lbs.

  • Standard Secondary Voltage: 120Vac
  • UL Recognized, CSA
  • Primary voltages marked with an (*) are approved
  • Revenue Metering in Canada by Industry Canada
  • Approval No. AE-0431 Rev 1.