Model# Smart Socket

Smart Socket

The Smart Socket is the first socket which will allow monitoring of voltages up to 635VAC with a socket mounted phase loss relay. The appropriate relay will allow monitoring for phase loss, phase reversal, low voltage and high voltage conditions. A key safety feature of the Smart Socket is it will not allow the voltage potential at the pin connections to rise to the full input voltage when the relay is removed. Refer to the charts for more information. Two versions of the Smart Socket are available, one for 480VAC and one for 575VAC applications. The Smart Socket is designed to be used only with the Model 257B.

  • Allows socket mounted phase loss monitors to operate up to 635VAC phase-to-phase
  • No Adjustments required – simply connect power and control circuits
  • CSA Certified

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Power Consumption6W Max.
Operating Frequency50-400Hz
Humidity Tolerance0-97% w/o Condensation


Nominal Input VoltageType C: 480Vac or Type D: 575
Maximum Input VoltageType C: 520Vac or Type D: 635Vac


  • CSA

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