Model# MGT-0420-001

True RMS Current Transducer

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Power: Standard 4-20mA loop voltage 8-35Vdc
Input: 0.333Vac full scale AC voltage via input spade connectors
Output: 4-20mA loop (sinking) max. impedance 750O @24Vdc (barrier strip terminal provided)
Accuracy: True RMS, 0.3% F.S.
Frequency: 40 to 3000Hz
Enclosure: Potted plastic box. Back mounting bracket

  • Highly accurate, true RMS measurement ideal for distorted waveforms.
  • Self powered from the 4-20mA loop.
  • Robus construction, compact size and easy wiring
  • The MGT-0420-001 current transducer converts a 0-0.333Vac signal to a standard 4-20mAdc output.
  • The MGT-0420-001 helps to reduce inventory by allowing the measurement of various signals by simply changing the input device.