Model# CTH

Hall Effect DC Current Transducer

The CTH current transducer can be operated from either a 24Vdc source or a low cost 24Vac control transformer. Available options are split core, extended temperature range, ruggedized design and 15Vdc instrument power.

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Current: dc or Peak ac
– Circular Windows: 0-25 to 0-1500 dc or Peak ac
– Rectangular Windows: 0-500 to 0-1500 dc or Peak ac
Over Current: 10 X rating
Instrument Power: 24Vdc or ac ± 10%
Instrument Current: 25mA + load current
Dielectric Test: (bare bus to output) 3750Vac
Split Core Sens. Size D: 1000Vdc

Accuracy and Linearity: (All models except*) ±0.5% F.S.
– *CTH-050 thru CTH-050M: ±1.0% F.S.
– *CTH-025 thru CTH-025M: ±2.0% F.S.
Load on Output:
– (4-20mA) 0-500(Ω)
– (5V & 10V): >2K(Ω)
Response Time: (to 90%) 500µs, typical
Temperature Effects:
– 0°C to +40°C
– ±0.025%/°C
Temperature Range: 0°C to +40°C

  • Current Sensing
  • ACCURACY 0.5%
  • Sensor & Amplifier in one package
  • Split Core Available