Model# PC20

AC Watt/Power Factor/Volt-Ampere Transducer

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Frequency Range: 50 to 400 Hz
Power Factor: Any
Response: (90%) 1 millisecond

Voltage: 0.1VA/phase
Current: 0.28VA/phase

Overrange (w/o damage)
Voltage (cont.):
150V Range: 175V
300V Range: 350V
600V Range: 600V
Current (cont.): 1A, 5A, 10A Range: 2 X Rated
20A Range: 20A

Dielectric Test: (Input/Output/Case) 1500Vac
Instrument Power: 85-135Vac, 50-400Hz,10VA
“-22” Option: 230Vac, 50/60Hz, ±15%

Includes effects of linearity, setpoint, repeatability and power factor at nominal voltage input @ ±10%

W/VA: 50-60Hz ±0.25% F.S.
Power Factor: 10-100% VA,50/60Hz ±0.005 PF
W/VA: 50-400Hz ±0.5% F.S.
Power Factor: 10%-100%VA, 50-400Hz ±0.01 PF

Power Factor: F.S. at unity, Zero at lead or lag zero
Ripple: < 1% F.S.
Output Loading (O)
1mA: 0-10K
5V, 10V: 2K min.
4-20mA: 0-500

Response Time: (90%) 250 ms
Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C
Temperature Effect: ±1.0% of Rdg., ±0.1% F.S.

  • Equipment monitoring to determine and/or maintain efficiency.
  • Process monitoring and/or controlling to maintain consistent product quality.
  • For use with SCR controlled, chopped, or otherwise distorted waveforms.
  • 0.25% Accuracy.
  • True Power measurements for sinusoidal and distorted waveforms.
  • Volt-Ampere measurement for sinusoidal and distorted waveforms.
  • Power Factor is derived from the ratio of True Power to Apparent Power and remains accurate for SCR controlled or otherwise distorted waveforms.
  • Three separate output signals – one each for Watts, Power Factor, Volt-Amperes.
  • Wide frequency range – 50 to 400Hz.