Model# MVT

AC Voltage Transducer

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Voltage: 0-150 to 0-600††

Frequency Range:
– 48 to 65Hz.
– 60Hz. Normal

– 150V Models: 1.0VA
– 300V Models: 2.0VA
– 600V Models: 2.0VA

Voltage Overload: Full scale rating

Dielectric Test: (Input/Output): 1500Vac

Instrument Power
– (Models E): 85-135VAC 50-400Hz., 3.5VA
– (Models E2): 15-40Vdc (Loop Powered)

Output Ripple: <1.0% F.S.
Response Time (99%): 400 ms
Field Adjustable Span: ±5%
Output Loading (Ω):
– 4-20mA: 0-500
– 4-20mA (24V Loop Power): 0-600

Field Selectable:
– 0-1mA: 0-10k
– 0-5Vdc: >5M
– 0-10Vdc: >10M

ACCURACY (@ 60Hz.):
– Standard: ±0.25% F.S.
– Includes effects of linearity and setpoint (10% to 100% F.S.)
Standard: ±0.25% F.S.

Temperature Effect: (-20°C to +65°C): ±1.0%
E Output: (-20°C to +40°C): ±1.0%
Weight: 0.4Lbs.

  • Ideal for use in enclosures with dimensional constraints.
  • Designed for industrial environments.
  • OEM measurement systems.
  • Designed for use with potential transformers.
  • Easily integrated into control systems.

1″ wide case can be mounted on Rail EN50035 (DIN 1) or Rail EN50022 (DIN2).
Transducer output is derived from the absolute value of the input and calibrated as the RMS value of a sine wave input.

  • Ruggedized Polyamide DIN mount case.
  • Slim profile allows maximum use of available space.
  • Field selectable analog outputs. (“A” Suffix)
  • Recessed terminals provide increased safety.

*Models are self-powered from measured AC input line with DIP switch selectable 0-1mA, 0-5Vdc, or 0-10Vdc output.
**Denotes 4-20mA loop-powered unit, (15-35Vdc). All other units require 85-135 VAC instrument power.

  • C UL US Listed