Model# 103

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  • Designed for industrial use – strong steel case with rugged mounting studs and electrical terminals.
  • Sealed cover and case – maintains accuracy and prolongs life.
  • ANSI Specification: meets or exceeds ANSI C39.1 specifications.
  • Easy to read at a distance or angle – bold clean dials; no shadows; no parallax error; attractive, uncluttered scales.
  • Fluid damped taut-band moving coil mechanisms designed for shock and vibration resistance – have great sensitivity and repeatability.
  • Shielding of mechanisms ensures against magnetic field and steel panel mounting problems.
  • Two-piece dial and picket pattern. D’Arsonval movements are linear and repeatable to one percent on preprinted dials.


Full Scale for Voltmeters0-150Vac to 0-600Vac RMS Responding, (self-contained)
Full Scale for Voltmeters0-300Vac to 0-150kVac RMS Responding, (150V Rated)
Full Scale for Ammeters0-50Aac to 0-6000Aac RMS Responding, (5A rated)


Class ±1%


Rating for AC Voltmeters (self-contained)0-150Vac to 0-600Vac RMS Responding
Rating for AC Voltmeters (150V Rated)0-150Vac RMS Responding
Rating for AC Ammeters (5A rated)0-5Aac RMS Responding

Model# 103-analog-switchboard-meter

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