Model# L40

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L40 programmable digital panel meter controller for monitoring, measurement, control, and communication applications.

  • User selectable inputs
  • Universal power supply
  • 1/8 DIN standard panel cutout
  • 4 red LED digits (0.56″)


0-5Aac Input10mA resolution
20mΩ input resistance
7Aac max input (7 seconds)
<0.5% F.S. accuracy
0-400Vac Input1 Volt resolution
12MΩ input resistance
600V max input
<0.3% F.S. accuracy
4-20mA Input-1999 to 9999 scaling
4.7Ω input resistance
25mA max input
<0.15% F.S. accuracy

Model# L40-Digital-Panel-Meter

  • RoHS

  • CE

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