Model# U3889

Voltage Disconnect and Current Transformer Shunt

Voltage disconnect and current transformer shunts are primarily used with 3 phase voltages and 3 current transformers.

This switch assembly is designed to provide a disconnecting means for your watt transducer or meter. Not only can this switch assembly provide isolation from line voltages, it also will short out current transformer secondaries to prevent transformer damage which may occur when the circuit is opened under load.

The bottom side of the switch is connected to the circuits being measured. The top side of the switch is connected to the watt transducer or meter. The switch handles are color coded red for voltage and black for current. The plastic cover is constructed so that all switches must be in the closed position before the cover can be sealed.

  • Fuses Included
  • 1, 2, or 3 Pole
  • Fuse Block supplied with fuse cove
  • Base, high impact thermoplastic (125oC)
  • Clip, Copper Alloy, Tin Plated
  • Midget Fuses – 3 Amp
  • Phase Switch Assembly
  • Back Panel Mounted
  • UL Recognized – CSA Certified


600V30Amp Base
Flammability Rating94V-0
Base Dimension3 Pole: 2.35″ X 3.13″ X 1.29″
2 Pole: 1.60″ X 3.13″ X 1.29″
1 Pole: 0.85″ X 3.13″ X 1.29″
Max Wire Size10 AWG

Model# U3889 Switch Assemblies

  • C RU US


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